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Through our partnership with Marine Results, Wavelength NDT has worked with yacht and spar designers, manufacturers and race teams/owners. We routinely provide NDT inspection services for production, pre-service and in-service applications on racing yachts, super yachts and motor yachts.

NDT of  advanced marine structures requires a toolkit approach; with the operator selecting the best technique for a particular situation on a case by case basis.   We offer inspection techniques for a wide range of metallic and composite structures including:

  • Full hull surveys (shearography, acoustic, ultrasonic).
  • Yacht mast and boom inspection (acoustic, ultrasonic).
  • Rudders and canards/daggerboards (acoustic, ultrasonic).
  • Composite repairs (acoustic, ultrasonic).
  • Carbon fibre and metallic rod rigging inspection (dye penetrant, ultrasonic).
  • Keel inspection (ultrasound, dye penetrant).
  • Steel hull corrosion mapping (ultrasound).
  • Keel structural resonance testing (vibration analysis).
Voiding in reinforcement
Wavelength NDT are leading experts in composite inspection and we offer a range of inspection techniques for marine structures constructed from monolithic and cored laminates and are capable of assessing many types of defects including:
  • Skin to core bonding.
  • Porosity/void detection.
  • Delamination and impact damage mapping.
  • Bond inspection (e.g. joggle bond, reinforcements).
  • Fibre waviness.