Sep 2011

Effect of defect

Wavelength NDT joins collaborative research programme with Element Labs, Spirit Aerosystems and LMS Samtech

Wavelength NDT are providing NDT expertise to a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded project:  NDT2DT: New ICT Approach to Automate Non-destructive Testing and Inspections with Evaluation of Damage Tolerance in Composite Structures
The NDT2DT project aims to develop software tools to bring together two state of the art technologies for composite material structures, the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and the evaluation of the Damage Tolerance (DT). These software tools will enable the transfer of NDT information obtained on composite material structures directly into Finite Element (FE) procedures for subsequent analysis, with minimal user input.
By joining these two technologies together, the non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection method will rapidly give a qualitative (go/repair/no-go) decision to the operator of the composite material asset being inspected. The proposed techniques can apply to quality control (manufacturing), maintenance or in-service inspections. Currently, the inspection methods used may detect damage but any assessment relies on the engineering judgement of the asset owner.
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